Brutal Sphincter – Analhu Akbar

So, what kind of music does a band with such a name play? Hard rock? Pornogrind? Cyberturboscat grind? Well you’re not even close. These Belgian bastards make fun of politic and social topics. This band is active since 2012, they have 2 albums, both of them were released at famous Rotten Roll Rex. Analhu Akbar was vomited from the factory two month ago, so it’s still warm. I like this art, it looks neutral to me. I mean there are no vaginas, dicks or other bullshit. It’s just dirty terrorists and innocent victims, everything dedicated strictly to the album theme.  

Well at first, when I heard the beginning of the opening song I was thought “wtf is that Slipknot playing or what?”. First riffs sounds like some sort of low new-metal. But then guys engaged a nice portion of groovy & heavy noise and that made everything clear. While there certainly are touches of classic czhech school (NCC, Jig-Ai etc). Flurries of blastbeats (with a bit annoying trigger sound), minor-key riffs distorted into chainsaw grinding, everything above is covered with groovy and swing structures. Brutal Sphincter use few kinds of vocals in this album. The main is pitch shifted high vocal than guttural and pig squeal, it brings in a bit of variety in this dirty and nasty mess. I feel that I forgot about something, oh yes! The sound is monstrous and massive, sometime it reminds me CBT style.
If you haven’t heard this and you want dynamic groovy grind, get this album.

Rating: 7/10 Brutal Sphincter fb
Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. 

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