Self Deconstruction / Speed!!Noise!!Hell!! (RSRec)

Mysterious Japan is the land with really weird and unique stuff. But we all love this country not only for Godzilla we also love it for its music. This land is reach with sick talents, which torn up side down usual to us things. Split LP Self Deconstruction / Speed!! Noise!! Hell!! Is one of these interesting, bright and fresh experiments in music. I want to start with Self Deconstruction. Their free style of grindcore is freaking harsh! The riffs are crazy chaotic and fast, same with song structures. The drumming is mind-blowing, the guitar grind and blaze with massive precision and the vocals are crazy as hell. Throw out the melody, and these elements combine to form a landscape that is fast and ultra-brutal. Just the way how grindcore should be. I caught few moments of free jazz here, that was strange but fits perfectly into this sound massacre. The end of this side was unexpected and positive for me… these freaks played a weird Motorhead cover (Iron Fist song) and ended with remarcable riffs from Iron Maiden, ha! Speed!! Noise!! Hell!! starts with slow, dirty and atmospheric intro which is good introduction into their fast and jaw-dropping punk! God damn, here is so much furious tunes and rhythms… each song sounds so aggressive and savage. This hardcore punk make headbang me a lot, hahaha! The string instruments sounds a bit messy, I mostly hear bass, drums and frantic screams, but that not a bad thing. Speed!! Noise!! Hell!! take your soul with it powerful energy! In most respects, this is a not standard, albeit solid piece of new wave grindcore and punknoise split. Rating: 8.5/10 Self Deconstruction fb Speed!! Noise!! Hell! bc

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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