Yakisoba – Mandatory Amputation

I’m starting to worry about Italy, for several years there were a lot of new and fresh Gore bands. I must say that is strange but pleasant for me. Yakisoba is one of the many bands who emerged from the new age primordial ooze. This is a one man project which debuted last year with the EP “Mandatory Amputation”. It`s not surprising that this debut work has all of the attributes of Goregrind. The cover is fucking disgusting, this Asian corpse looks like a victim of Unit 731! The Noise is nasty and bloody too, but I will write about this a bit later. There are two releases of this demo – tape and CDr versions (I was lucky to get the CDr). It looks simple, there is no insert, track list and all of the info can be found on the reverse side of the sleeve. Becoming acquainted with Yakisoba only lasts 6 minutes, but for that short period you will be crushed with huge portion of noisy music.
The drum machine is set to max, the pitch shifter is on and the strings are ready to slice. Michele (that is the name of the guy behind this band) managed to create a really dirty and ugly piece of gore. I don’t know why this guy is so in love with Japan, but I like how he used samples from Japanese movies in this mess. The first thing that you will notice on this demo is the distorted vocals. These vomiting vocals have heavy and loud sound. It’s very similar to the sound of boiling water. The guitar tone is simple but it’s mostly cluttered with vocals. And, the sound of the drum machine is not annoying which is important. Unfortunately I can`t say that I`m happy with this sound, it has no dynamic and it`s dry. Despite problems with the sound “Mandatory Amputation” is a nice piece of Gorenoise/Goregrind. So if you are into this kind of noise, be sure to check out this demo.
Rating: 7/10    Yakisoba bc     Yakisoba fb 
Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels.

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