Maggot Cave – EP

If we’re going to be honest here, over the years I’ve bought a number of records purely because of the album art. And you know what? I’m a total sucker for plain black and red covers, so when the 7″ EP from Maggot Cave showed up at my door, I was pretty excited. This EP is 12 tracks of Australian grindcore, comprised of 4 guys from Sydney. Since we’re already talking about the art, let’s look at the rest of the package. The art on the front of the cardstock fold shows a couple of flies fucking on a skull with all kinds of maggots coming out of it’s nose, and to me, it’s definitely fits the name of the band. On the back, we have the tracklist and a picture of the band, and label credits. Inside of the cover we have a lyric sheet; it’s a xeroxed sheet with cut up, hand written lyrics. It’s got a cool DIY feel, for sure. But…how does it sound? The first track gives a good sample of what’s to come. We start with a sample, into a hardcore kind-of two step riff,and then right into a blasting death-grind riff. From there we’ve got a hardcore sounding riff, into another death metal-ish riff. The rest of the songs on this release follow this pattern for the most part, and while this isn’t necessarily a problem, once you notice it, the songs start to feel a bit predictable. As far as the actual sound of the album, the guitar is very much front and center and washes out the bass a bit. When you get a chance to hear the bass, like in the beginning of Thumping Bloodwart, it’s got a nice, grinding fuzz tone that I like. The guitar sound doesn’t have a ton of body, but it just adds to the raw feel of this recording. The drums have that clicky grindcore sound that does a good job of filling things out. I wish the vocals were a bit louder, the vocalist definitely has a great roar and I want to hear it! The backing vocals do a good job of really giving the death-grind sections a real death metal feel. All in all, not a bad release, but it’s probably not something I’d spin that often. Rating: 6.5/10 Maggot Cave fb Maggot Cave bc

(Review by Nick Vecellio)

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