Abortion – All You Need Is Hate

When a band has been around for as long as Abortion has, there is not much to say that has not been said already. Slovakian grinders have had a very rich discography during their almost three decades of existence. “All You Need Is Hate” is their 7th full-length coming three years after Konvert and it’s a good addition their discography. Cover art was made by Radek (Meat Spreader/Neuropathia), and I must say this angry psycho clown looks a bit weird (as for grindcore release) but interesting, it feels that this creature is real savage. The colors were chosen right too, combinations of black and yellow look tasty. This album has small tiny touch of the 90s, as the insert is made in old diy way. Xero copied A3 insert with photos, lyrics and everything else, maybe for someones it looks cheap, but personally I like it.

“All You Need Is Hate” is packed with raw emotion and a serious sense of urgency among lower classes of people to recognize their potential and take control of the state. Old guard is know how to mix classical grindcore with drop of mincecore. In contrast with previous album, “All You Need Is Hate” has more fire, it’s not so boring like Konvert was, it has more fire but there is still some boring moments. All songs sounds similar to each other; almost all of them are mid speed, and that does not spice this album at all. Also, there is one more thing that I’m not happy about, it’s the sound of the guitar. It’s a bit dry on my taste. Of course there are alot of positive moments; for example I found hidden Sodom cover (go ahead and check Grand Hotel Alepo track). I’m grateful for this promo vinyl, because it sounds much better than the digital one. Of course I don’t want to lie, these songs doesn’t have hyperblasbeats, dissonant sound of guitar, or super sounds in general; this album is totally not for fans of new wave of grindcore. All in all, Abortion is just a bunch of old grind freaks, who love to make noises in their own way.
Rating: 7/10     Abortion fb
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