Haemorrhage – Haematology II – The Singles Collection (Power It Up)

In the world of grind, it’s practically impossible to not know the name Haemorrhage. This nasty pathological act has taken the hearts and minds from the biggest part of the underground community. It’s taken more than 10 years to release second part of Haematology, but believe me, it was worth the wait. Traditionally, I want to consider the design of this release. So, German Power It Up released 2 version of this compilation; the first is a double gatefold vinyl edition, and the second is a CD version. I was lucky to get a 2LP version, and you know what? It’s fucking gorgeous! All of the polygraphy is high in quality, and everything looks just amazing. Luisma drew badass art for this one… The Mad Pathologist is back, haha! Inside the sleeve you will find much interesting information. Each of the releases within this edition has a small story about this or that split; it was really interesting to read all of them. Everything here is soaked with the creepy atmosphere of a morgue.
30 songs were gathered together – you will hear noise from split with Impaled, Embalming Theatre, Dead Infection, Dead, Disgorge, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Amputation Protocol EP, and a few songs from the split with Gutalax. Expect of more than a 1 hour bonanza with churning grooves and bloody tunes.
It’s hard to find new words for this band, we all know what the guys from the Haemorrhage are capable of. Their style is very recognizable and remarkable. Their brand of gore has a moldy taste and an old school punk spirit. I believe that this formula helps to keep this noise in a fresh and cheerful condition. The catchy guitar sounds like a real butcher buzzsaw (check songs from Gruesome Stuff Relish). In most songs, you will only be able to feel the bass, but in songs 7-9 (split with Dead Infection) it’s on the first line and it has a monstrous sound. The blasting material from the split with German band Dead is freaking furious, and one of the fastest materials that I have heard from Haemorrhage. The vocal is the most stable thing here, it’s powerful and ugly in all songs. In all meanings Haematology II is rad release and if you really love gore, you should have this putrid piece in your collection!
Favorite songs: “In the Name of Sanity”, “Canarios Y Jilgueros”, “Ausgebombt”.
Rating: 8.5/10     Haemorrhage fb
Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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