Fissure / Shackles (Dead Heroes rec)

It’s rare to see such lovely looking vinyl – a black base with white streaks/metastases… of course this is not a regular pressing, and I must admit that Dead Heroes has good taste. As for the bands and music, we have here two squads from different sides of the globe. Hardcore/pv boys Fissure are from the US and chaotic grinders Shackles are from Australia. Everything sounds familiar? Maybe, but let’s put this 10” split on our turntable and check it one more time. I can call California’s Fissure a good example of the modern hardcore/pv wave. Their sound is clear, has nice mastering and a drop of energy. The hardcore elements are prominent throughout the material. The band uses a terrific balance of whiplashing powerviolence alongside groovy hardcore rhythms and grind blasting here and there. That keeps this music interesting, even if the tracks are pretty much similar. There was a couple beatdowns in this material, but that didn’t bother me (which is rare, haha!). Queensland town – Shackles. This bands stands out from the Australian grind scene, but not with material or speed; these guys have 2 drummers that are playing synchronously! It’s freaking insane, haha! Two drum heroes definitely makes this music more decent. Besides chaotic structures, this noise has a crunchy guitar and crusty bass sound. It’s interesting how simple riffs can be twisted into chaotic and blasting moments. I can’t say that the hardcore vocals are unique, but it’s good for this kind of music. At the end, these guys used some sort of industrial, I believe this is the best outro for this crazy split. Rating: Fissure – 7.5/10 Shackles – 8/10

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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