Meth Leppard / Minimum Wage Assassins

Let’s get ready for a party! This time on the turntable we have an Aussie vs. U.S. showdown that is sure to please, when Meth Leppard and Minimum Wage Assassins collide! Starting off with the cover art as we always do, we are presented with an image of what appears to be a shattered bust of a human face breaking into pieces.
Diving into the musical side of things we are greeted with the Meth Leppard track Krokodil Dundee, and from its very opening it is clear these guys are not here to mess around. Each song is as much of a heavy hitter as its predecessor which is greatly appreciated. The third track on their side of the split pays homage to the great Tim Morse of Anal Cunt/Horrible Earth fame with the title Done Deal! Which I must admit is so perfect. There’s a very special treat on this split as we are presented with a savage cover of Vulgar Taste by Blood Duster and that definitely caught me off guard. Needless to say Meth Leppard brought some of their most hard hitting material to the table for this release and it shows greatly.
And now to wrap this package up nicely, we have Minimum Wage Assassins up to bat! Opening up their side we have the moderate paced, nasty riff fueled Flesh and Bone. Well I say moderate paced but in reality it randomly breaks out into a blast beat massacre full of all kinds of disgusting Pitch shifted vocals and chainsaw guitar riffs. Backwards Oppression immediately opens with hammering drums and more filthy inhuman vocals, just to snap back and change into a series groovy Goregrind style riffs it makes you wanna get up and start a pit! Last, but certainly not least we have the closing track Kill Pile. Once again we are met with a Tornado like fury from the drums, guitar and vocals that may leave the listener with a mild case of whiplash. It comes and goes so abruptly and leaves you questioning what just occurred.
All in all this split is definitely a gem among the flood of amazing releases to come out in 2018, and it definitely deserves a listen.
Rating: 8/10      Meth Leppard fb     Minimum Wage Assassins fb

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review by Shawn Peck

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