Noisy Neighbors – S/T

Noisy Neighbors broke into the underground with a very interesting and robust debut release. These guys managed to mix old school grindcore with a huge portion of fresh rage. This duo did a great job, but is it good enough and worth listening to? Let’s find out!

With the beginning of this summer, the band was ready to release their debut work; labels were found and everything was sent to the pressing plant. On this self titled EP, Noisy Neighbors unleashes a flurry of lurching, heavy, and primitive riffs interspersed with some very catchy grooves and samples from Mortal Kombat games(these elements are especially nice and funny). Everything started with a game sample, which are short but interesting, but then I heard the song – fuck. The first track is really furious with the blistering cave power. Song by song, these guys are bombing my ears and mind which I like. The whole material is bit similar but I didn’t feel bored with that. I must admit it has a good sound, it’s not too dynamic for my taste but still nice. Also, I like that guys are playing all song with only one speed, they are honestly fast – you can’t find any slow pieces.

In my opinion, these guys have found their sound, speed and degree of brutality. So if you’re looking for a new portion of vicious grindcore, try to listen this debut 7”! And yeah, I would not want to live with such noisy neighbors, hahaha!
Rating: 8/10 Noisy Neighbors fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE! 

This noise is released by: Night Animal Records, Bloody Scythe records, Morbid Reality Records and Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records

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