Carnal Trash / Corpse Eater

This gore split was done in a totally DIY way – Two old freaks from different corners of the globe recorded their songs and put them together. The result is predictable; this noise is truly disgusting. The noise is loud and annoying (especially for my neighbors), but I will return to this a bit later. I want to stop at the design and art. Both sides have great creepy artwork, as the artists really conveyed the atmosphere of iconic horror movies (which is badass). As for the design, everything was printed with a home printer, but it looks nice. It’s an interesting and creative decision put CDr in 7” format, I must say it looks much better than the usual format. The first band on the line is Carnal Trash from Argentina. I was faced with 9 tracks of nasty gore which are made in an old school way. The turbo distorted vocals are freaking loud and it cluttered the guitar and drums, but everything still sounds cool. The combination of simple riffs and shorts songs are nice, this material isn’t boring and that is good. I caught a lot influences from old and iconic gore bands from the mid 90’s (I can’t say that surprised me). Corpse Eater is from Germany; the noise from this band is really moldy it has tje taste of old grind and death metal. Don’t blame me guys, but I really like the sound of the cheap drum machine and the primitive song structures. The guitar tone is far from modern sound, but that is the point of this band. Raw sound is great too, I also found a lot of influence from old school punl and few tight moments ala Impetigo. Of course this band don’t sound as massive like Carnal Trash does, but it sounds original (at least for 2018). Rating: 7.5 / 10 Corpse Eater fb Carnal Trash fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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