Agathocles – Commence To Mince (Selfmadegod rec)

Agathocles is pretty much an iconic band… they’ve been around forever. They are a very well known band, mostly because they are the inventors of mincecore, and they have massive discography. I believe they have more than 600 releases, it’s a huge result for 30 years of existence. Today I will talk about their “Commence To Mince” album, this is the last full length at the moment (but maybe they are working on a new one while I’m writing this review, who knows?). The art for this album (I’m talking about CD version) has a very dumb design, haha! Ag just used their own photo, and, well, it’s definitely not the best their cover. The booklet is huge and contains many photos from their Canadian journey and all of the lyrics, so all of the lyrics nerds can scream with Jan, haha! Here is the negative thing that I noticed about Ag… with the years, these guys lost their energy and power. So many of the new records sounds pale, but in live action they are still very strong. The CD version of this album sounds much better than the digital version from bandcamp, thanks gods, haha! I played it loud (it’s necessary for mincecore), but it didn’t catch my mind and soul. I felt a lack of power, perkiness and fire from the ass. Please understand me right, this recording session has a nice sound, good guitar tone, nice crusty noise from bass guitar and raw drums; but this is not enough. There were a few catchy moments, but that can’t help revive “Commence To Mince”. However, their cover of Desnutricao song “Orgulho Americano” is very invigorating and interesting – for me it`s the best track on this album. Rating: 7/10 Agathocles fb

Remember guys,keep the underground music scene strong by supporting the artist/band/labels. Get your physical copy HERE!

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