Fuck On The Beach / Terlarang (Here and Now records)

The best way to end any year is with some all-out savagery and aggression, and who better to prove that than old noisy bands? This split featuring the legendary Fuck On The Beach and mighty Terlarang will nail you down. Now, let’s blow the dust off of our turntable and put this record on. The first band on the line is Fuck On The Beach. 
Fuck On The Beach, has been kicking around the greater Japan grind/punk underworld for the better part of two decades, and without doubt I can call them a very important element of the underground groundwork. These songs are not fresh, they were recorded in 2015, but this mad fastcore has no time limit – it’s 7 songs of really aggressive, harsh, crazy and fantastic extreme punk. This messy noise is charged with a huge load of power, and I really like it. Guitar and bass are messed up together, which that does not matter, but this filthy noise still has the brand style of Fuck On The Beach. And, of course, this stuff must have an appropriate cover (it’s just an image of band members, but this one looks really nice and crusty). 
Next in line is Terlarang, a Malaysian grind duo. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about these guys, but I know that they were very active few years ago and are now on some kind of hiatus (pardon me if I’m wrong). This music has the bitter taste of raw old punk rock – hysterical vocals, a bit of sloppy drumming, and goofy guitar riffs. It’s far away from the brand of grindcore like Nasum or Excruciating Terror but this noise has catchy moments, and a minimum amount of annoying moments. These guys are playing honest – these raw tunes are leaking from their perverted minds and I appreciate it.
Rating: Fuck On The Beach 8/10   Terlarang 7.5/10

Get a copy at Here and Now records!

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