Cropsy Maniac / Gruesome Stuff Relish

It’s hard to imagine a split that is so deeply soaked with horror spirit; the guys in both bands are huge fans of old nasty movies, haha! When you hold this release (no matter if it’s the CD, tape, or vinyl) in your hands, you’re starting to realize just how well done is it; the artwork is done with high quality printing on good paper. Just look at it…I found a lot of familiar characters from old movies (The Burning, City of the Dead, Zombie Creeping Flesh, and others). The artist did a massively great job, I honestly like it. But, let’s not forget about the music part and let’s begin with the American psychos from Cropsy Maniac! 
These bloodsuckers have prepared a nice punch of blistering deathgrind with old school rot for you. Stupefyingly vigorous and heavy riffing is paired with lightning fast and surprisingly variable drumming, making this one intense six minute epileptic fit, and the unholy growling of Kevin Reece puts a painful pressure on your skull. Besides a good low sound these three songs have nice atmospheric samples from few horror movies. As you may have noticed, we have all of  the well known ingredients for a good, disgusting, and bloody pie, haha! 
With Gruesome Stuff Relish on the second part of the split, their output is what I expect from death-infused goregrind. This side starts with mystically scary intro and continues with their brand of riffs. The music of these Spanish grinders is well recognizable, as over the years Gruesome Stuff Relish has stuck to one style. Moldy riffs, slimy solo, creepy vocals, punk-y bass and drums; that’s all still here. This is the eternal formula of success from old grinders, hehe. It’s also necessary to say that this music has the atmosphere of old iconic zombie movies, which is very important in this genre (at least to me)…
Rating: 8/10    Cropsy Maniac fb     Gruesome Stuff Relish fb 

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