Morte Lenta – If Noisecore is Dead​.​.​.​We Are Zombies (SPHC Records)

Today’s theme is noise. “If Noisecore is Dead​.​.​.​We Are Zombies” is very nasty and noisy, and today I will put it on my turntable. Morte Lenta had a lot of records (I believe, that they will become the Brazilian version of Agathocles very soon, hehe), many of them have different material and sound, but this EP is especially rude and crazy. 
I can describe this noise as fast, raw and full of ferocity. This duo is playing in the classic vein of Noisecore. Tracks are short, full of dirty overloaded sound and the structures are very primitive. To be honest all the instruments are messed up, there are not many moments where I could recognize guitar, but that is unnecessary. Why you ask? For me the main and finest thing in this noise is the hysteric, stupid yelling, this shit made the whole atmosphere here, haha! Both guys are screaming like it’s the last moments of their lives, haha! That is a bit funny. Believe it or not but among this mess I found a few good pieces of old Grinding Punk. I can’t say that this piece is magical or unique but this EP is worthy of listening to, especially if you like Brazilian noise.
Rating: 6.5/10    
This 7″ is released by SPHC Records (USA)

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