Humus – Eterna Condanna (Death Crush rec)

Humus is our target today. I want to talk about their last album “Eterna Condanna”. This LP is an excellent example of badass Crust Punk. This full length is like a small nuclear missile, it’s charged with destructive power. These guys managed to use so many of the classic Crust elements. From the riffs, to the structures, and even down to the furious energy. Even the artwork is made the old way (a marvelous collage with lots of elements) plus traditional black and white. 
Eterna Condanna is a wild Rock and Roll ride that will keep you holding on by the seat of your pants. The crazed buzzing riffs and potent bass playing in conjunction with the maniacal half shrieked vocals quite frankly rides the line of madness. Twisting d beats will drive you crazy; this music can cheer up even a dead person, haha! You feel the band about to fall apart, but that’s what makes Eterna Condanna so addictive. One of the album’s better songs, “Supermarket overdose” comes at the end of the album, and it stands out with its punchy sound pressure and fantastic catchy guitar solo. 
If you`re into Crust music or you have a hangover, we recommend to you this kick ass album. This noise will cure a bad mood, and chronic depression.
Rating: 8/10         Humus bc      Humus fb
Go and check Death Crush Distro for a copy!

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