Warfuck – This Was Supposed To Be Fun

More than five years after the mindfuck speed grind trip that was “Neantification”, the crazy French duo Warfuck return with this new piece of noise. But, not only is this a new one from this band, these guys just started their own label, Lixiviat Records, and this CD is the labels debut release. Every inch of this CD is covered with gloomy, black, and psychedelic images. The colors are dark, but I can’t say the same about this music. I don’t know what kind of technique was used here, but it looks very close to brush drawing (which is rare for grindcore artists). 
I should warn you, “This Was Supposed To Be Fun” is in nightmare territory with blasting grind, and all of the ensuing consequences. I found a few good changes at this album – Warfuck has made their sound more hardcore/metal; and it’s clear and heavy, which improves the quality of the album. Plus, these guys improved their playing technique, and I can feel it. This long awaited album consists of grindcore, hardcore, and metal elements, which are tightly connected. This album could be compared with running at the battlefield during massive gun fire. Every blast beat sounds like a string of bursts –  the drums are crazy fast and do an excellent job keeping up with the fast riffs. And of course, the screams are great too. The vocals are mostly in one style, but it perfectly fits with this fast noise. 
There is one negative thing with this kind of grind however… Sometimes this never-ending blasting becomes a little bit boring. The songs start to sound very similar to each other, but this album is still good, believe me. “This Was Supposed To Be Fun” isn’t an album I play all the time; it’s more like one that gets a spin once every few months or so… 
Rating: 8/10   Warfuck fb 

This CD was released by Llixiviat Records

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