Psycho / Horrible Earth

Last year started with a lot of great Grind/Noise/Gore and Crust releases. It seems 2018 may be heading in the same direction thanks to this split. The formula of this release is simple, there are two bands, 2 different kinds of noise, fucking awesome sound (I don’t even remember such clear sounding vinyl) + good cover art and insert design and that’s all. Well let’s find out why this split is so great…

Founded nearly thirty years ago, eclectic collective Psycho has extensively reigned as one of the most iconic and strongest names in the US Noise underground. Starting out as more of a traditional Punk act, they eventually came to a more Grind sound. Their side with 4 songs is a fantastic example of harsh Punk. Everything has a moldy taste of the 80’s, but on the other hand you realize that these songs were recorded very recently (it’s an interesting hybrid of tunes, sound and atmosphere). Strong bass sound, energetic guitar buzzing, classic Punk drumming and crazy vocals, that’s what you will hear on side A. Ah yes, along with 3 tracks of their own, they also have covered Ramones (Bop Til You Drop track).

To be honest I didn’t hear anything about Horrible Earth until they released their first album “Typical Human Behavior”. Also it was interesting to find that Tim Morse is playing in this band. The new songs are almost the same as on the album, but I said ALMOST. These 5 songs have a bit of a schizophrenic structure, faster tempos, and also a tiny taste of Punk and Death Metal in the sound. It is a portion of twisted Grindcore with mighty power, and yes everything is done with old traditions. I can call this buzzing monster real old school Grindcore! If you loved the era of 80’s/90’s extreme music, then check this small split!

Rating: 8/10 Psycho Horrible Earth

You can get thit split directly thru the bands

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