Haggus – The First Six Months – A Mincecore Collection (Grindfather prod)

So, you like stories about rotten corpses? Grind? Nasty sound? Crazy fast and fun fucking music? All of the above? Get this huge portion of Mincing Gore! Californian Mince brigade, Haggus brings you 40 minutes of great noise. In this tape you will find songs from their previous works such as their splits with Agathocles and Bob Plant, noise from The Masked Mincer EP, Mincecore Agenda EP, Mince the Meat Monger RP, and debut Four Sonx Demo from 2014! All together 38 songs that will cheer your ass up. The cover of this release just screams “be careful boy, there is something dangerous inside” haha! It truly reminds me of that feeling that some old slasher movies give. Also I like that the chief of Grindfather Productions used colored cassettes for this release, it`s look cute and cool. So what is Haggus? It’s a concentrated mess of fun, raw sound and stupidly catchy riffs. This music is far from high quality, super technical stuff, this is just pure and muddy fun. You can dance, you can mosh or you can drink your tea while listening to these songs. The most interesting thing in this noise is it`s a swinging energy of raw Grind and Punk. Distorted crusty guitar sound with Grindcore blasts within the track and ultimately finished off with gritty and sick Goregrind vocals on top (makes the whole sound dirtier). That’s how Haggus sounds… Uncovered, honest, sometimes cheesy and noisy shit. So if you`re into Grind and you have a bad mood, just open a beer and listen to this rotten tape, that will definitely help you Rating: 8/10 Haggus fb Haggus bc

If you want to get this tape for your collection, send an order to Grindfather prod

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