Gets Worse – Struggle (Dead Heroes rec)

At first I thought that this album, with lovely goat on the cover was new material from Gets Worse, but I was wrong. This LP is just a compilation of recent material. I want to assure you that is not a bad thing and I will tell you why…
“Struggle” has a specific concept, this thing looks really massive. The last four EP’s (White Horse, Yellow Belly, The Blues and Blacked Out) were gathered together on one LP. So you will be bombarded by 40 minutes of powerful material. But that’s not all, the more you look at this image – the more you see. The artist combined all of the covers from these 4 EP’s, and I must say that he did it very skillfully. He saved the dark atmosphere and all main colors and elements. And of course there is a big and beautiful insert with all the lyrics, so if you were curious about Gets Worse`s lyrics you’re welcome to read them.

I want to cover all of the parts of this compilation and obviously I will start with the “White Horse” part. This noise takes up 25% of the full “album” and this shit can bite. All the songs on this side are a chug-heavy demonstration of modern extreme Hardcore power. Short, blasting and yelling songs can squeeze your tiny head, haha!
The second work is “Yellow Belly”. This work is pretty similar to “White Horse” but there are some exceptions. The overall sound is more Grinding; they have some taste of Grindcore and Powerviolence. But, the main mass of this music is based on breakdowns and slow/fast structures.
The Blues is my favorite part of this vinyl. Everything was made in the same style, but I found here more loud screams and fast blasting parts. It has this absolutely adorable song “Berk Jerker”. The sound of saxophone at the end of the song just drives me crazy, this wind instrument has spiced up the whole song. That was a crazy and magical idea and it worked!
The last material Blacked Out stands out with its sound. Guitar tone is heavier and deep (some moments remind me of the Swedish Grindcore sound), songs are running in slower tempos. There are a lot of breakdowns, Hardcore kids would be happy with these modern tricks, but I don’t like them.

Boys and girls if you like extreme hardcore with some Grind/PV notes, then pick up this album, because it worth your attention.

Rating: 7.5/10 Gets Worse fb Gets Worse bc

You can order this lp thru Dead Heroes

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