Needful Things / Overviolence (Psychocontrol records)

Today is Tuesday and, as always, this day sucks, so let’s plug it with a split from Needful Things and Overviolence! As I know, originally this split was released as a tape and it was released for an Asia tour. Now it’s been turned into a vinyl, and holy moly this piece looks great. Weird cover art, with gloomy faces, a combination of colors all of which create a nice aggressive and Grind look. Needful Things is a Grind mastodon of the Czechs scene. Can you believe that this machine has been active more than 20 years? And they’re still in great shape, just check how loud their blast beats are, haha! Their style of music hasn’t shifted any and is worthy of respect. For this split our friends recorded 3 tracks. These 3 songs are all written in a similar style to an effective template that alters each time but keeps the same basic elements (like fast and short guitar riffs, bulldozering bass and heavy blast beats), time changes are kept to the same mid to fast pace and back again formula. Everything above is spiced with massive, thundering and demonic sound. That’s how grindcore should be! Play louder, play faster! That’s the main rule of the mad Swedes in Overviolence. They caught me with their first EP, I remember I was really surprised about the level of violence in their music. With this work, the boys show their Grindcore side. This material has less of Powerviolence and Fastcore feel, and more of a traditional Grindcore feel. And I like this small change. The combination of speed, simple structures and ferocity create a very painful pressure. The guitar tone perfectly fits with the blasting madness and bass sound. A few variations of vocals make this mess sound more intense and alive. This is a really robust cup of sound torture! Rating: 8/10 Needful ThingsGrind fb Overviolence fb

Release label: Psychocontrol rec 

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