Jesus Ain’t In Poland ‎- No Man’s Land (Grindpromotion Records)

I won’t lie, news about the new album of Italian Grinders Jesus Ain’t In Poland has surprised me a lot. Because I was sure that they were in deep and cold hiatus. But our friends were silently preparing a huge portion of noisey material. This hammering album contains 12 songs and more than 1 hour of noise! On this album, the guys tried something new, this massive album is not just pure Grindcore… No Man’s Land consists of Grindcore, some Black metal tinges and an atmosphere of doom metal. Maybe some nerdy Grindheads will say “this sucks because it’s not Grindcore, there a lot of metal stuff in here too”, but fuck them. Because this album definitely works and it’s huge in many ways. The first time I heard No Man’s Land I was pinned down to the wall. By the time it was over my mind had melted. This work surprised me with its technical side and its powerful sound. Jesus Aint In Poland managed to embed small ambient moments throughout their Grind mess which melds perfectly. They pieced together fast crushing Grind segments with Doom/Black Metal elements so precisely. Every song has a beautiful, yet suffocating dark atmosphere especially in the end of album. This beautiful specimen is wrapped in a neat little digipack. It has magical artwork with a very emotionally moving art piece. Plus it has the lovely, bitter smell of fresh paint. Rating: 8.5/10 Jesus Ain’t In Poland fb

You can order this album at

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