Putrefuck / Dead Fetus Collection / Pulmonary Fibrosis (Nothing Left But Chunks)

A small US label called Nothing Left But Chunks managed to put together 3 really nasty and heavy bands: Putrefuck (Spain/Mexico), Dead Fetus Collection (Brazil) and Pulmonary Fibrosis (France). In total we have here 29 songs of different Gore melodies which are hidden under this bloody disgusting cover art. So let’s go in order and listen to the noise from all the bands… Putrefuck. This duo proved themselves with good old school Goregrind. I feel a lot influence from Dead Infection and LDOH in their music. These songs are rich mid pace tempos and good vomiting vocal. I can’t say that the whole sound is extremely “low” but it’s good enough. The drums are goofy and a bit cheesy but I like that, it brings some punk stench into this rotten mess. Dead Fetus Collection. These Brazilian maniacs have been pretty active the last few years. They managed to record a lot of good stuff btw. The music of DFC stands out with a messy raw sound that has positive and negative moments. Positive, that everything sounds like one heavy and ugly piece. Negative, the sound of the bass guitar is drowned in the pitch shifted vocals and distorted guitar. Also, the noise of DFC took the biggest part of the whole split and that has a bit of a negative effect. Because all their songs are pretty similar (except for the funny intros) and for me it was hard to listen all 18 songs. Pulmonary Fibrosis. Finally, the French side. The first 4 songs are top notch Gore that can break bones and melt the flesh. The sound has a good balance between raw, messy and clear sound. I can hear the every instrument and together they sound killer! Regurgitated vocals, fast blasting drum sections and dreadful buzzing guitar and bass. This is real bulldozing Gore! The last 2 tracks are just very dirty live recordings, I believe this live stuff is unnecessary here. PS: We want to dedicate this review in memory of Fred (Pulmonary Fibrosis)… Rest in noise brother!
Rating: 7.5/10

Contacts: Putrefuck / Dead Fetus Collection / Pulmonary Fibrosis

Order: Nothing Left But Chunks (USA)

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