KickxAssxViolence – Broviolence (Rotten N Rancid Records)

Sorry guys but, this review will be a bit short. Why you ask? Because these Canadian lumberjacks have crushed my mind with their noise and I see no need to write too many words about all my feelings. You should check this tape for yourself. Well the design is cheesy, all this masked Mince boys has become pretty boring nowadays. Also logo cearly designed designed around the Terrorizer style. That does not surprised me… but the main trick is hidden in the music! KickxAssxViolence as a trio managed to create a very strong mix between Grindcore, Mince, Powerviolence and Crust. That delicioua mess will weigh heavy on your ears. I was really surprised about the balance in the songs. Swing and catchy Mince riffs, powerful energy of Grindcore, goofy D-beat, and a drop of Violence. Everything above is wrapped in a solid, powerful sound. So this tape has really kicked my ass, thats how I feel haha! If you like good noise, just check “Broviolence” I bet you will like it! Rating: 8.5/10 KickxAss bc KickxAss fb

Grab a copy at

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