Extended Suicide/Noll IQ split (Let the Bastards Grind)

Dusting off my record to cover this sick little split from Danish Hardcore freaks Extended Suicide, and Swedish Powerviolence maniacs Noll IQ! This cover art really catches the eye. But, not necessarily for the art. No, moreso because of the vibrant yellow color of the sleeve itself. As for the actual art, it’s your usual Grind/Hardcore/Powerviolence imagery. A crowd of people in Gas masks, with one particular figure looming g over the rest. And what seems like a bouquet of knives and needles fanned out behind him. Enough about the visuals though, that isn’t what you came for. Starting things off is Extended Suicide bringing us 2 sweet but down right filthy bangers on their side. Everything you’d expect from Hardcore is present from the beginning. Hammering drums,crunchy and driving riffs, thumping bass keeping the heartbeat alive and absolutely no holds barred vocals meld into a perfect chaos. Sadly, for some reason the second song seems to be cut short. I was really enjoying it when suddenly my record player stopped. I looked over and realized it was the end of their side in the middle of a song. Where do I even begin with Noll IQ? Their side opens with a neat little Jazz drum piece, only to jump directly into Break neck blasting,ear melting riffs and spine shaking vocals. This entire side of the split is here to punch you in the face over and over with no remorse. Each track seems to feel more aggressive than the last. The only breaks we get are for the samples that open each track. I almost can’t even call them Powerviolence because their speed is rival to that of Fastcore and Grind. For such a small little package, it sure hits like a frag grenade. All in all this split is sure to please, I know I can’t put it down… Will you? Rating: 7.5/10 Noll Iq Extended Suicide fb

If you like this 7″ you can order this vinyl thru Let The Bastards Grind

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