Cystoblastosis – Post-Mortem Examination Of Putrid Corpse (Cemitério Records)

Ah, finally my slow ass managed to take time to take a closer look at this album. Russian Mincegore band Cystoblastosis have grown so much, and now they are pretty famous in noise underground. So after tons of splits, these guys finally recorded their first (hopefully not last) full length album.
Speaking about “Post-Mortem Examination Of Putrid Corpse”, let’s open the jewel case and look inside. Well what can I say? The whole design is “classic” and sick, I’m sure that it can make somebody vomit, haha! There is a lot of rotten and disgusting human guts and meat on the main art and inside, if you`re fan of these things then you will love this conceptual smelly design.
32 tracks in under thirty minutes, and not a single one is filler or just an instrumental. That’s right, each song no matter how short or long. Is stuffed with a nice portion of pitch shifted vocals, punky drumming and heavy guitar there is no lyrical bullshit. These Russians know how to play groovy tunes. But I want to be honest, I can’t call this album brilliant… This was nowhere near their strongest work in their discography. Sure, there are some good tunes on here, but for the most part it’s just bland. It’s simply not as memorable as usual 😞 I still like the goofy drums with the hollow sound of the snare. I found few good catchy riffs (but there are many of them that sound to slow, looks like the guitar player was too lazy to play them, haha). But the vomiting roars have a good balance with the other instruments, and they sound great.
Its sad to realize that the first album from Cystoblastosis turned out this way. But, on the other hand it was a necessary step in their history. Because now they are playing really strong shit!.

Rating: 6.5/10 Cystoblastosis bc Cystoblastosis fb

If you like this band and you want to support them, buy this CD through Cemitério Records or ask for a copy directly thru the band.

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