Haemorrhage – Anatomical Inferno (Cemitério Records)

Historically speaking, the Gore outfit known as Haemorrhage is quite significant. This act started more than 25 years ago and the guys are still running their bloody mission. That is impressive and it’s worth the respect… Today I picked up the re-issue of the 3rd album of this Spanish machine – Anatomical Inferno. This massive album was released in 1998 and during its years of existence it has been re-released many times. The version I will speak about was released by Brazilian label Cemitério Records. This CD has “new” cover art that depicts greedy pathologists that dismember human bodies with tangible pleasure. Luisma (the guy who is in charge of guitar in Haemorrhage) has created a powerful conceptual combination on bloody parts, crazy characters and a maniacal story that perfectly conveys the music of this band.

This album is swarming with disgusting and pathological themes. Blood, formalin and putridity is everywhere in these songs 😉 Besides the atmosphere of a morgue this monster has an old and thunderous sound, which tastes a bit moldy but so good.
Probably the most important thing I have to point out is the average speed of the record – like a rusty saw slowly slicing your flesh. The vocals are pretty emotional and ugly. My fantasy draws a scary, ugly butcher maniac who is yelling while he is trying to startle and catch up with his victim. The bass guitars hit like a gravedigger’s spade plunging into the sad and lonely ground. Small pieces of screaming guitar solos brings me back to the Carcass era, and of course the whole buzzing tune sounds great. Everything above is spiced with slimy tremorous and punky drums.

The album’s length is 30 minutes and I think that’s how it should be, 30 is enough to enclose you in the pit with rotten remains and smash your psyche, haha!
Rating: 8/10 Haemorrhage fb

You can get this album through Cemiterio Records

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