Scum Human – S/T (Regurgitated Semen Records)

Regurgitated Semen Records have really found another great band from the far land of Canada! If you like your music to be insanely fast, with crushing slow/fast riffs, and loud vocals, then “Scum Human” is for you! The guys from Vancouver managed to create a powerful and violent machine. The unit definitely stands out from all of this weak mess of young powerviolence bands. But, from what I can tell, they are playing something unique. Scum Human’s music isn’t really trying to do anything more than uphold the established tenants of the genre. Fortunately, they know how to write PV/HC and write it well. Their songs are short, punchy, and packed with atonal, gnawing riffs, half punky, half blasting beats. I caught a lot of good pieces on this EP, which is crowded with solid portion of energy. Classical loud and yelling vocals increase the atmosphere of this small work. Every song is damn wild… Slow parts are switching to fast and then repeats endless of times (and that could make a mess in your head, hah). I listened to all 10 tracks in one breath, this recording session sounds totally alive, and it could bite. The design of this self titled vinyl is done in the usual (for this band) way. Guys use and old (?) white and black photo of of a guy who is slowly dying. His neck is cut with a knife and the blood is slowly flowing down. I must say this is a gloom and doom filled picture but, it perfectly fits to this painful music. Rating: 8/10 Scum Human bc Scum Human fb

If you like this band then support it! You can buy this record thru the band or you can get it at

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