Death Toll 80k – Step Down (Grindfather prod)

It’s been a quiet four years since Death Toll 80k recorded something new. Due to some problems with health and other bad things, this long awaited album was delayed. All this time we were silently waiting and the miracle finally happened, “Step Down” has finally arrived. For this review I picked up a cassette version which was released by Grindfather Productions. I know that the boss of this label is doing everything by himself. For example, the sound was recorded with help from a nice stacionary tape decks. All logos and other info were applied on the shell in the old diy way (by stencil). Also my copy looks exactly like a bottle of Sheridan’s liqueur, haha, that is so nice! In comparing with “Harsh Realities”, this album isn’t radically different; they both are massive and heavy. Death Toll 80k didn`t change the music, or the style. So, what’s the deal with Step Down? This is honestly a thundering piece of blasting Grindcore. The album did not disappoint me, these guys have always known how to sound heavy and how to squeeze out the brains with huge, furious and fast portions of noise. On this album, they’ve decided to speed up a little bit, that makes this album sound a bit more extreme. All the songs are short (yep, it’s a gold standard), they could be compared to bites from a crazy huge dog. Track by track it bites off a piece of your mind. Let’s not forget that the boys managed to find a perfect balance between blasting madness and swarming riffs. All of the above is spiced with really angry vocals. Well that’s how Grindcore should be. PS: I like that the punk element is still there, it shows that they are still loyal to their roots.

Rating: 8/10 Death Toll 80k fb Death Toll 80k bc

You can get a copy thru powerful Grindfather prod!

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