Insomnia Isterica – Anthology Of Alcoholic Beverages

My old friends from Insomnia Isterica finally released a discography! Finally we’re able to enjoy the noise without switching all 7 eps on our turntables, ha! The “Anthology Of Alcoholic Beverages” was realized on CD and cassette. I was lucky enough to get a copy of the tape, so with this write up I will cover the release from Grindfather Prod. Funny thing, this cassette looks like it’s pro made (by a factory) but I definitely know that this is a diy release. Recording and all prints were made by punk hands, and that is impressive. But, all this talk makes no sense if you’re hearing this name for the first time. So who is Insomnia Isterica? It’s unbelievably simple! This band is just a bunch of good friends who are stuck deep in punk and grind stuff. They are making raw and gritty as fuck noise. One of the best things in their music is an aggressive punk base. These guys believe in their music, so that’s why it sounds so pure and energetic. Most of the songs sound very fun and groovy. You could easily mosh and head bang to this loud music. On this tape you will hear an awesome fusion of buzzing grind guitar and aggressive yealing, sloppy blast/polka beats and much more! The vocals are very punk/mince influenced while the musical structures are so barbaric and simple, most of them are based on a crust punk/grindcore sound. “Nebbia” is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. And of course I like that raw heavy drumming, it sounds like it’s thudding around inside your skull haha! This is not a “fashion” Grind release. Its primal and raw. But if you want to hear something wild and honest, go ahead and check “Anthology Of Alcoholic Beverages”! Rating: 8/10 Insomnia Isterica fb

If you want to support this band you can order this tape directly from them or you can get it thru Grindfather prod (UK)

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