Wojczech / Krupskaya

There is a strange thing with this split. I looked at this image a lot of times, but my brain refused to define this picture as cover art for grindcore release, haha! First what I thought was “oh boy this is, probably a new SunO))) album”, but I didn’t find the right logo. Indeed, this piece of art is pretty unusual for most grindcore acts, but if you check out the discography of Krupskaya you will find a strong visual connection with their previous works. Edgar Tumpkin (the drummer of Krupskaya) is in charge of all this dark madness. I must say he did a great job for this German vs UK split. Germans are the first who start the noise… Wojczech is an old and well known band (especially in Europe), they started more than 20 year ago (fantastic isn’t it?). Well I noticed one strange thing with these songs. All of them were recorded 8 years ago, and they were used for this, lovely black vinyl. All 3 songs are damn good. These Germans poured Sludge, Metal and some Punk elements into a huge Grindcore base. I must admit, the mix sounds pretty nasty and tasty. Loud blast beats, good vocal line, song structures are pretty simple (but they could kill). The bass is loud and follows the guitars riffs and even has a few good stand-outs. Also there is small drop of sad tunes in the last bullet “Stunde Des Wolfes”, and this song has more metal taste, but i like it. Krupskaya is a very specific band from the UK. These guys really found their own way in noise. Truly fast aggression is mixing with slow melanholik parts… Sharp guitar sound with good tone and buzzing bass are blended with high screaming vocal and blasting drums. That sound mess is totally sick, even schizophrenic, but at the same time impressive. This band has one more feature – the deep atmosphere, just check the last track “Frozen Bodies Against The Wire” and you will understand what I mean. All noisey,chaotic, avant-garde tunes and crazy broken tempos in these songs make Krupskaya stand out from the average Grind band. Rating: 8/10 Krupskaya Wojczech

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