Faršas / Whoresnation (Deaf Death Husky Records)

I bet the idea of this split was born before the tour of Faršas and Whoresnation. Anyway this collaboration is tight as hell, together these bands generate pure and killer noise! So first of all let’s look at this tape and you know what? It’s freaking green! My favorite color, haha! I don’t know who, but someone did a nice job with all the designing. A combination of green tape and nasty cover art are creating wizardly look. This atomic green split hosts 28 toxic songs of varying Grindcore madness. Needless to say this release is also interesting because both bands are absolutely different. So now let’s check out the noise. First on the line is the squad from Lithuania. I must say that this band is underestimated, but we will try to fix that. First of all, our friends have a unique sound and style, they use no guitars, only super distorted bass guitar. Be careful because its deep buzzing sound will grind you down. The second feature is the vocals. They sound so strange, aggressive and annoying, haha. It reminds me of Anal Cunt’s style. But, what is Grindcore without blast beats? That’s right we have here nice, punky, blasting drums which perfectly fits with this music. Grindcore is the main base in Faršas noise, but I noticed tighny Powerviolence and Hardcore influences in this crazy mess (that makes this Grind more spicy). Whoresnation is a good example of new age Grindcore, they didn`t stop on only Grindcore, they are using Hardcore, Metal and some Punk elements. Their side was recorded at a gig in Torvi in Lahti, Finland. Yes it’s a live recording but in spite of it, it sounds pretty nice. At the beginning of this tape, Pierre talks to the audience like a real black metal man, with gravelly and ugly screams, haha! After that,the guys turned into a twister. Song by song, these bastards are torturing our ears with their ferocious Grind. Hard to handle this hurricane of riffs and blast beats. Unfortunately the guitar sound is a little bit cluttered by the vocals and drums (it’s a sad part of this live recording). That raw blasting sounds especially good here when I hear every single bit of the snare and thunderous screams of the cymbals. I bet that Whoresnation kicked asses on that gig, ha! I’m sure that this split is already rare, so if you find this piece in someones distro, act fast or cry later. Rating: Faršas: 8/10 Whoresnation: 7.5/10

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