Social Chaos – Dia do óbito (Rødel Records)

At the end of this long day I just want a Grind album that I can enjoy that has enough of aggression and barbarity. Social Chaos will help me convince you that Grindcore will never die.
Originally “Dia do óbito” was released in 2014, on CD, but I guess that did not satisfy the fans, and in 2017 this monolith was reborn on beautiful black wax with a nice gatefold sleeve. Actually, I am a bit disappointed by the cover artwork. Because this full length deserves something much stronger, more aggressive and brutal. In my opinion this gothic art does not fit this album. Ah well, one cannot have everything.
Social Chaos undoubtedly plays around with the traditional aspects of old school Grind. But, these guy are using elements from other genres like Death Metal, Punk and Crust. The mixture of these things helps to keep this noise fresh, full of energy and juicy. The guitar spewing out primitive and brutal riffs with low buzzing sound, these tunes can crush bones! Also there is some cute small solos, which perfectly fit into this old noise. Death Metal growling and screams make the sound of this album more demonic, the vocal section is an integral part of “Dia do óbito”. The drumming sound is interesting too. Snare has a weird sound, it sounds like the drummer is playing on a human skull, hahah! Unfortunately the bass is lost somewhere under the guitars and blasts beat, that is not a catastrophe, because this album still sounds raw and badass.
This band has been active since 2001, during these years they have released a lot of good stuff. And I really hope to hear a new album from them soon, because I cant satisfy myself with only Dia do óbito, no matter how often I to listen it 😉
Rating: 8.5/10 Social Chaos bc Social Chaos fb

You can order this album thru Roedel Records (Germany)

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