Derbe Lebowski – S/T (Dead Heroes Records)

This band can`t be tagged as some classic or old school Grind or Powerviolence. These dudes love to experiment, that’s why it’s hard to set them in usual music category. So what is Derbe Lebowski and why are they seem unusual to me… Let me start from the history note. This weird name first appeared in Germany somewhere in 2011. Everything started pretty usual, some friends came together with a strong desire to play something heavy. 1 Year later they released their first work “Remove Your Mask”. Back then Derbe Lebowski sounded more like Powerviolence, but with time these guys mutated and changed into something more unique and crazier. The visual side of this album is extremely interesting. The artwork literally blew my mind and sucked me in. In my mind the images remind me of works by such artists as Hans Ruedi Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński. This magical creature, all these elements (especially connected human bodies), each touch of the pencil and brush, it causes goose bumps. I haven’t seen such dark, psychedelic art in awhile, it’s honestly gorgeous. This album is short, there are only 9 songs and all of them are set on one side of this obsidian black vinyl. Let’s put the needle on the first track “Moloch”. This is the first song and it stands out with chaotic riffs and powerful clean sound. Honestly I`m not a fan of breakdowns, but here that trick sounds cool. I like the transformations in each song, slow heavy parts give way fast crusty hardcore shots, yes that is not “old school” but it still sounds good. Also this self titled lp is a nice mix of some more traditional powerviolence aspects with modern metalic hardcore + some small sludge/grindcore moments. I like the fact that the boys did not renounce themselves from Old good Punk. I’ve caught remains of that nasty spirit within this noise, and that was a nice surprise for me. PS: In case you want to know, Derbe Lebowski is dedicating all of their to social problems, themes which are around us. All the lyrics can be found in the insert inside this badass looking sleeve. Art: 9.5/10 Noise: 8/10 Derbe Lebowski bc Derbe Lebowski fb

You can order this lovely lp right here 🙂

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