Birdflesh – Night Of The Ultimate Mosh

I was drawn to this reissue just because of the album cover. Luis Sendón did a great job (again haha). He has drawn the band members in the mosh battlefield with different funny and evil characters. The whole work looks purely fantastic! Everlasting Spew Records took responsibility for re-releasing this magical album, also it was they who asked Luis to draw this crazy picture.
We can name Birdflesh as a classic Swedish Grindcore band. This squad has a long drunk history, many awesome releases and a ton of the shows behind under their belts.
The “Night Of The Ultimate Mosh” is the second album in their big discography. Its obvious that this is a time-honored and well known album, and it immediately grabs your attention. You know you’re in for some crazy grind. Oh yes, I almost forgot to say, this edition has a small but lovely present. All of the sound was remastered and now this piece sounds far more juicy and killer.
“Night Of The Ultimate Mosh” shoots an insanely blasting and heavy riff right through you. This album is a fantastic mix of Grindcore and 100% charge of fun. During your listening you may have a feeling that you are at some crazy party, with demonic farmers, serial killers, clowns and big octopus, hahah. The guitar is distorted enough to cause lovely feelings in the ears, same with the bass. Punky drums with nice blast beat moments are perfectly in sync and keep the fun atmosphere alive. There is one thing in Birdflesh that I like the most, the vocals. I respect Adde, he is pretty skilled, making blast beats and screaming at the same time… that is insane, haha!
This album is a great choice if you have a hard day, your wife divorced you, your dog pooped on your bosses rug, or you lost your job. Put this hellish CD in the player, you will immediately get a huge portion of positive energy and all these problems will leave you 😉
Rating: 9/10 Birdflesh fb

You can order this album HERE!

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