Teething – We Will Regret This Someday

A year ago the Spanish noise machinery Teething released their first blasting full length album in the bands history of musical assaults). They put a lot of lifeblood and energy into this monster, and it shows in their tunes. Teething is a modern fusion of jumping style Hardcore and Grindcore, mixed in with fast and sharp groovy parts, heavy breakdowns and clean production. The coverart is made like a very bizarre collage of disturbing images from newspaper clippings, surrounding a dreadful main chacacter with beautiful eyes, and a nice attractive colgate smile, haha (Just kidding). The ungodly combination of bleak colors makes it look almost demonic, unsettling and fucking sick to be honest, I love it… I have both the vinyl and CD version of this, but especially the vinyl edition contains many wonderful tactile sensations. This LP is a cesspool of swirling fury, tangled in with kicking riffs and high velocity grooves, perfect for moshing around. But I cant say that I dig this album 100%, probably because there’s not much of the punk spirit in this work. Guitar has a modern clean sound, and fits perfectly to Teethings style.. Same can be said about the bass. The slow swingy moments give a good slamming asskick (of course for those who love that kind of things). The track “Just kids” is a good example of this. But my favorites are the killer blasting attacks,”Life is peachy” and “Take me to a doctor”… Of course theres plenty of other great samples from movies (?), with special sound effects, it makes it into an even spicier slice. I kept the most important things for the end. “We Will Regret This Someday” has some good memorable songs, in my opinion it is very necessary, because who will care about blank music?
Rating: 7.5/10 Teething bc Teething fb

Order CD version at selfmadegod.com

Order vinyl version at www.deadheroes.cz 

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