Blood – Depraved Goddess (Grindfather productions)

An independent label from the U.K. took a mission to reissue all Blood´s albums in analogue tape format. The long process has begun, and I’m already fortunate enough to receive one of them for a review. Hard to believe, but this album was originally released 20 years ago already. I would compare this to a good whiskey, in the sense that it only gets better with age, more mature, and more powerful (in your face).
This album fits very specificly into a certain category in my opinion.A category where the covers are creepy, cheesy and unpleasant, but most definetely kicks ass. The crucified heterocephalus glaber on the cover doesnt work in my opinion. I dont see the relevance to the music… But a cover is still only just a cover, so lets dive head first into this moldy noise…
This is oldschool doomy death metal, grindcore and punk, all these elements come together and presents the annihilating”Depraved Goddess”.
Prepare yourself to be possessed by the shredding sounds of raw guitars,sloppy drumming,low bass and gory vocals. The intro is a sample from an old obscure horror flick, which i couldn’t identify, unfortunately.. it draws us slowly into the dark gloomy atmosphere, before ultimately delivering the final deadly blow to our poor heads, haha. Claus P.Oehler belches his evil gloomy roars out here in a way thats really impressive to me, and one of the best surprises on this album. Mr.Bernd manages to cover everything with sweet buzzing noise, and destroying guitar sound.Unfortunately the bass drowns out a bit in all this sound mess, but delivers perfectly on the track “The god you save”. The tape sound slightly differs of course from CD, and vinyl version, but i freaking like it. I love listening to old albums like this on cassette… a nice trip down nostalgia lane…
Okay, let´s summarize…This is an old (but gold), motherfucker… in a new shell! Cradle Of Filth worshipers will probably not be very impressed, haha. If you’re into dirty and raw low frequency noise, I suggest you jump on this bad boy right away!
Rating: 8/10     Blood fb      Official Site
Grab a copy from Grindfather prod!  

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