GG Allin And Bulge – Legalize Murder (Fudgeworthy Records)

In punk we trust! These Old n moldy filthy notorious punks are back! American Fudgeworthy Records re-issued a dirty piece of punk history – a collaboration work with GG Allin And Bulge. This was originally released almost 3 decades ago, and of course long sold out. The most remarkable thing on this reissue, is the original covers, which are 28 years old already. Crazy shit, right? As far as I know, the sound has been restored but unfortunately I dont have the original copy,to compare it with. Anyway, it’s really lovely to hear something from these wild punk years.Theres no need to spend too much energy on GG himself, so lets just get into the music, which its all about.
This EP consist of two sides: A side – noise, B side – talk. The main song Legalize Murder is a great example of fun, fury and simplicity. Raw sound,full on energy, buzzing guitar and “bam bam” basstone. Goofy drum beats sound extremely nice, and the endless yelling of GG and Co is sweet too. Its how punk must sound, real, uncontrollable, raw and a little bit silly. Next one is “Suck My Ass (It Smells)” and wtf??? this is pure noisecore! Not at all punk… this short track is so primitive and loud, I honestly like it. Unfortunately thats the end of “music” park.B – side consists of GG talking… so, this will proberbly be interesting stuff, for those people who are into GGґs story. You will hear an old radio recording of GG where he tells a little bit about himself.

Rating: 7.5/10    
You can buy this nasty ep at  

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