Rubufaso Mukufo / Nervous Impulse / Epicrise

Wake up sleepy head, it’s time for Grind! Today your silent morning will be crushed with this nice 3-way split. So let’s find out what is hidden under this cheesy cover art… It’s so lovely to see that Rubufaso Mukufo is back! This is a new line up, new power, new sound and life for this band (at least I hope so). I can honestly say that these 11 songs are a good step in a direction to a new higher level. All the material has a better, more clean sound (with metal taste). The songs wreak of punk riffs and great guitar sound. These guys are using different approaches in vocal parties. There are “clean” roars, screams and parts where a pitch shifter was used. The mix of intensive drumming and clanking bass are creating sweet chaos. And all together that stuff sounds freaking groovy and invigorating! I want to be honest, it was hard for me to find the right words for this band… because this unit has a mess of genres inside. Nervous Impulse is from Canada and their music is based on Brutal Death Meta. I got the impression that the guys can not decide what they want to play. In one moment Grind riffs turning in brutal tremolo with low breakdowns… Grind yelling turning in to some low fi guttural gurgling… These tracks have some good grind parts, but all these boring “brutal” things (with triggered drums) spoil the whole impression… Unfortunately, the guys from Epicrise didn’t record anything new in ages. These tracks were taken from their old demo “Dead Sea”. But in my opinion this is one of the best pieces of material from this band. A little bit raw sound with metal touch, good rhythmic pace and a ton of fun. Unfortunately the sound of the bass guitar is cluttered by the other instruments and that is a pity. One of the positive moments of this recording session is the strong vocals and smashing d-beats and blast beats. As a small bonus the guys added few nice covers of Dead Infection, Grossmember and Cerebral Turbulency. This atomic thing is full of fast guitars, crushing beats and punching energy, so what else do you need?) Rating: Rubufaso Mukufo: 8/10 Nervous Impulse: 6/10 Epicrise: 7.5/10

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