Posthumous Regurgitation – Exhumation of Cadavers for Research and Consumption (Absolute Power Records)

Posthumous Regurgitation are fairly new to the Goregrind genre, but to say they’re inexperienced is a subtle mistake. The cover art is a masterpiece. Depicting a carcass maliciously exhumed and picked apart by some madman. This EP wreaks of a familiar putrid stench so common in Goregrind. But, simultaneously has a familiar stink of Crust in the mix. We come into this CD with a somber intro and what sounds like a prayer being spoken by a woman in what sounds like Latin. But, then suddenly everything shifts with the beginning of the first real song on this EP. Displaying crunchy guitar, groovy but blasting spastic drums, hearty bass lines and filthy gurgling and shrieking vocals. All the proper trademarks of good Goregrind. The onslaught doesn’t once let up and only briefly gives you time to breathe. Each time a new track begins you feel you must prepare yourself for what may come. Only to be hit with surprises. The visceral mix of tempos and riffs makes you want to dance but also tear someone limb from limb. This young band is a must watch for any hardcore Goregrind addicts.
Rating:8/10     PxRx bandcamp        PxRx facebook

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