Cavernicular – Man’s Place in Nature (Rødel Records)

The Italian grind scene sometimes reminds me of a mixed cocktail. Half of the bands are blanks, or even worse, while the other half are freaking amazing. A while ago, I wrote about mediocre bands from that region but now it’s time for a good one.
 Cavernicular is from Palermo city, and play a heavy style of “rock n roll”. The band had a great start with a self titled debut ep, and now they`re back with new material. “Man’s Place in Nature” is the first full length album from this band… Well, I was really excited about this noise, and have been waiting anxiously for it, well… needless to say, its been worth all the wait. This is a nice mix of crushing bass assaults, furious grinding guitars, plus very fast and skillfull drumming, and crazy yells. Maybe it doesnt seem to be very interesting from first impressions, BUT … The cover art is pretty standard stuff (in the grindcore genre)… the remains of some german (?) soldiers. The most interesting part is inside. I didnt really get this album completely, at first listen, and i thought to myself, okay this is just another grindcore album, just like any other,”nothing special going on here”, but then i realized there were a lot of small but catchy stuff: great riffs (at some points it reminded me of strangely mutated thrashcore), groovy hardcore structures and of course different types of vocals. There are not many of those moments on this album, but still, they are to be found here. I love that every song is chained together, that makes this album even more attractive, appealing and surely more aggressive. The biggest part of Cavernicular have experience in some hardcore/fastcore/powerviolence bands. I’m sure thats the main reason why this album has so huge influences of these genres. Songs like “Asshole’s Sermon”, “Secret War” and “Demon Gang ” features plenty of swingin, jumping hardcore energy and fun.
Boys and girls, if you dig this kind of noise, then youre gonna LOVE these 20 annoying songs!
Rating: 8.5/10    Сavernicular bc    Cavernicular fb 
Dont be slow and buy this LP thru Roedel records! 

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