Обрій – Олтар Утопії

Back in the 90’s Death Metal was a pretty popular genre. I guess that time was a hayday for that kind of noise. Almost every countries had their own strong bands. Unfortunately my country could not boast of such things, until today. So we now have our hands on “Олтар Утопії ” which is the first work made by Ukrainian band Обрій. These guys worked on these tunes for about 4 years and that was worth it. At first the guys just uploaded this EP on the internet, but who the hell cares about digital stuff? That’s why Обрій has released this 4 song EP on their own on CDr (that is packed in simple digipack). As soon as you hit that play button, “Олтар Утопії ” will cover you with a lovely and heavy sound wave. The sound is not perfect but nice, this is really good result for a debut release. I don’t know why these guys did not want to use English… The roaring is in Ukrainian, and I believe that, that is pretty spicy for those who don’t understand this language. For those who are interested, all their lyrics are about military conflicts and social topics. My favorite song is “Поля Камбоджі” (Fields of Cambodia). In this song the guys are covering the terrible tragedy of the Khmers (which were caused by totalitarian regime and utopian lies). Music of Обрій reminds me of a good mix of British and Swedish Death Metal roots. The guitars sound solid, the tone is great and its creating this thick and heavy base. The cooperation of bass and drums add to the atmosphere of the old school spirit. I will be dishonest if I say that everything on this record is perfect, there are a few prolonged moments (which are a little bit boring). I want to repeat myself as for the first work, everything is done well. Rating: 8/10 Obrij bc Obrij fb

You can get this release directly thru the band

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