Himura – Exterminio (No Humano Records)

“Exterminio”, the third album from grinding machine Himura, is the sort of album that can be brilliant for some fans, but on the other hand it can be boring for rest of them. Why is this? Because this noise is far away from the usual modern violence, super fast blasting and other new things. First of all, this album might be interesting for older people (who grew up with Napalm Death, Sodom, Brutal Truth,etc). Himura don’t use any technical super skills or tricks, the key of this band is in their simplicity… You can feel and see it with the cover. I really like the design of this album. This element attracts. There is nothing superfluous… you will find only artwork, spanish texts and a track list.That is pretty magical and it brings some unrecognizable/inconceivable ambience here. Our Spanish friends love to mix good Metal riffs with strong Grindcore. Yes, they lack in speed, but they make up that with grimier atmosphere and nice sound (personally I prefer the vinyl version of this album, it sounds more interesting). Maybe this band is not so aggressive, but they certainly know how to deal with the old school spirit. Himura really don’t sound like anything modern on a songwriting/speed level. There is no excuse and no regrets, there is just heavy primitivity. Less melodies, more buzzzzing riffs and angry roars, that’s the deal! But even though they have a lot of variation and some really cool groovy parts I find it difficult to listen to the entire album in one session. So if you are a fan of old grind, and your shelves are full of good stuff, than this album is definitely for you! Rating: 7.5/10 Himura bc Himura fb

You can buy this album thru No Humano Records

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