Boak – Movies (Grindpromotion Records)

Do you believe in love at first noise? Nope? But, Italian monstrous label Grindpromotion Records does! And that is freaking good, because last year this label fell in love with the new work of Boak. So obviously (after jumping from their pants) guys have signed all papers and all materials were sent to the press plant. This record is short (yes that is only one minus) but on the other hand it is full of ferocity… All songs fit on one green side (that’s why this format called s-sided ep). By the way did you know that powerviolence bands have a good sense of humor? Look at this silly and funny cover. Guys just use photo of Alien Ant Farm members and put them in this “art”. Looks very stupid but cool, I’m sure the guys from AAF wouldn’t understand that joke. But we are here now for jokes so… “Movies” is a quick adventure in the world of violent noise and crazy speed. There is no intro, the band immediately starts their brutal eardrum massage with relentless riffs and blasting energy. Needless to say the violent guitar tone and nice brutal speed are overflowing all six songs. Somehow this madness sounds more like Grindcore, I guess it’s because of the tempos and mad blast beats. Under the nails of this EP you may find punk mud with ugly smell of hardcore. These different genre pieces make this record more diverse and memorable (and that is fantastic). When I meet Boak, I’ll immediately shake hands with these guys. Because these freaks managed to shove a huge amount of energy, anger, riffs, groove and screams into this 4 minute release (and that is impressive)! Rating: 8.0/10 Boak bc Boak fb

You can buy this EP at

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