Unpalatable Gore Offering 4 way split!

The “Unpalatable Gore Offering” is the fourth split from Choothar Tapes. This time Elliot Smith put together 4 bands from different and dark corners of our shitty planet. Art for this noisy tape was made with the use of lovely pink and grey colors. And fuck yeah, everything looks so cute, hahaha! First band in this split is Meatus. As many of you may know, this is a one man project with Joe (Violent Gorge, Archagathus) in charge. Usually the noise of this band stands out with its messy, raw and low sound. But these 6 songs have pretty shitty sound… The sounds are deafening and inexpressive. But I still can catch some good and primitive rhythms, riffs and good mincegore energy. Ugly distorted guitar is the first thing that you will hear here. These manic buzzing noises with pitch shifted roars keep all the attention. Well it’s not the best work of Meatus, but let`s see what Joe will record next. Next band is from a pretty unusual place. Sulsa was founded in South Korea. Exotic or not these guys are totally in love with Goregrind. They’ve chosen a path close to old school Goregrind, at least that’s how it was on their early works. So we have here 4 songs full of nice classical low sound and other attributes of good gore. I really like the tone of this guitar, it sounds cool, deep and catchy. I must notice that the vomiting vocals are in good balance with the other instruments. It does not overlap and does not mix into the mess. There is only one thing that I`m not happy with. It`s the cyber drums, they sound not so annoying, but they spoil the whole impression of this small Gore work. Our old friends from Switzerland they open side B. Nasty Face consists of only two man, but that does not mean that this music sucks. On the contrary, this dude manages to do something groovy, angry and full of fun! Screams, roars, distorted vocals all these different elements help to diversify the music. The parts with high screaming guitar riffs help this band to stands out. There’s a lot of death metal riffs and tempos but they are not 100% classic, they’re full of goofy punk energy. And I believe that that is the secret of this band. And yes, these “tupa tupa”, blast beat parts are great. I must admit, the guy behind Nasty Face are pretty talented. Orchiopexy is a new name for me… And they pleasantly surprised me. These freaks from Ohio are playing some raw mix of gore/mince and punk. The whole sound mixing of their side is freaking raw but, somehow these noises sound very catchy. The clanking bass is the main thing here, it stands out from all the music, and it brings some stupid punk spirit. The guitar is noisy somewhere in the background, almost the same with vomiting vocals. But, the drums and bass are on the first line. These guys end their sound torture with a cover of Ahumado Granujo (which is pretty impressive). PS: This is a tape for Gore freaks only! Rating: 7.5/10

Orchiopexy Nasty Face Sulsa Meatus

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