Oozing Meat – Untitled/Rawhead

Anyone who’s familiar with Oozing Meat (haha… as if anyone is) will remember that these dudes know how to create something really nasty and harsh. Their noise is stand out with bassless, guitarless… blast styled stop/start mayhem and a ton of distorted vocals. For this review I chose two of heir releases from 2017. To be honest this is very rare situation when I can’t set the rating mark… It’s because this stuff is really weird and crazy. So who is Oozing Meat? And how did they came from the deep of the dark abyss? I don’t know why they are here, probably they want to annihilate us, or they just like our Earth burritos, who knows? As for the first question it’s a little bit easier. Oozing Meat – is a collaboration between Jason Hodges (Suppression) and his friend Eric Tomillon. Jason is in charge of all the drumming and backing vocals. Main screams and wall of noise – Eric. Together they managed to create a real swamp of noise. So let`s check the first thing. It’s a lovely CDr release with really interesting design. Guys used a transparent plank with black logo in it and a photo of some kind of rock(?) or rotten lungs (?). It looks lovely but the sound is not so good. On this small session the guys play very messy and dirty noisegrind. Stop/go parts with a ton of noise effects… This record is heavy as fuck, but unfortunately this thing has no memorable parts… Now let’s switch to the “Rawhead” tape. This tape starts with huge load of aggressive energy… Holy cow! It’s hard to believe that two human creatures can have so much negative energy, hate and ferocity! This small tape with a cute monster sounds freaking harsh! These guys used different approaches during recording and that helps this tape to sound more live. But “Rawhead” is still close to classic noisecore which is cool. Side A is over, let’s turn over our tape. Second side reminds me a bit of a wild drone noise with really weird screams (I suspect that this is a scream of some kind of creature from an old horror film)… this shit is 100% psychedelic! There is no usual noisecore druming and screaming… this side is so weird, haha! All in all, this is a fun EP to spin time and time again. Primarily recommended for noise or grindcore fans.

Chaotic Noise Productions (listen/buy/contact)

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