The Afternoon Gentlemen – Still Pissed 2012 – 2015 ‎(Grindfather prod)

Today will be a really hard and drunk day, haha! It because of this fun record… You all know how these people of England love to make really mad noise, right? The Afternoon Gentlemen is a wonderful example of the creation of sick minds. With this compilation the guys shoot in our faces 41 songs that are stupid fast and fun. This tape is fucking magical, here you will find more than 50 minutes of really nice dynamic and aggressive tunes. The songs on this release are short bursts of energy with perpetually blasting drums (well almost always blasting 😉 ) and a handful of riffs each. A variety of vocals and riffs make this noise really interesting and full of life. Stop/go tempos can drive you crazy… and of course there is a ton of great groovy hardcore moments. I’m sure that this record can wake the dead, hahaha!) It’s hard to describe this music to someone who has never heard about The Afternoon Gentlemen. But, I believe it’s something close to alcoholic and drug trip in a washing machine! Unfortunately this band is not so active these days, but I hope they will return in full power very soon!
The tape version of this compilation was released by Grindfather Prod (UK). There were 100 copies. This release contains materials from Grind In The Mind 7″, Self-titled LP, The Afternoon Gentlemen/Lycanthropy split, 1 unreleased song and Power Joogle Pogger Violence 10”.
PS: Guys, remember once and for all. Even if you`re drunk as fuck, you should always stay a gentlemen.
Rating: 8.5/10 TAG fb TAG bc

You can get this tape thru Grindfather prod!

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