Smallpox Aroma – Repulsive Pleasures (Hotel Broslin)

It was a pretty dark morning I was sleeping but my dreams were violently interrupted. My postman rang the fucking doorbell… That was the origin of the problem. He gave me a package and then he leaves me with this small box and a bad mood. I recognize the address, this parcel was sent by a young Australian label, Hotel Broslin. I take a big knife and opened the box. And there I found a new tape of Smallpox Aroma. I thought that a lucky case of destiny has just chosen a good release for review. But, before we begin I want to write few words about this band, because I’m sure that many of you don’t know who they are. Well this a pretty exotic band for us, they are located in Thailand (the land of ancient mysteries and drunk Russian tourists). Our Asian friends started their way in 2006 (more than 10 years ago!). From the very beginning they played some kind of brutal death metal but then they changed their genre. During these years guys proved they are not lazy asses, thay`ve taken part in scores of compilations and splits, they’ve recorded a ton of nasty songs. The last their record was released in 2017 and we will talk about it right now. It’s nasty, it’s brutal, it’s negative, and it’s Smallpox Aroma. All these songs can be compared to the alien monster from “The Thing”. Do you remember that bloody mess monster with dogs parts? Here it’s almost the same but with different genres. Guys started with something brutal, then switched to something gorey. But that’s not all there is a lot crust and hardcore elements exist in their music too. And all of these sound really fresh and interesting. Buzzing riffs in combination with fast blasting and different vocals, created something unusual (at least for me). Powerful sound of bass guitar and the painful sound of cymbals could really crush the bones! Hard to say clearly what type of fans this was meant for, but if you like unusual brutal music, you should check out this record! PS: The sound of this tape is damn good, it`s always a pleasure to listen a well recorded tape. Rating: 8.5/10 Smallpox Aroma fb

You can buy this tape thru Hotel Broslin rec!

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