Armpits – Self Titled Cassette

Boston,MA a city synonymous with Hardcore. But, in the seedy underbelly of the Boston Hardcore scene writhes a purulent mass of Grindcore freaks. Armpits, the 3 piece Crust/Grind unit we have on the slab today is fine specimen of this breed of freaks. This cassette is pretty simple in design. No cover art just the Armpits logo, which conveys the fact that they are just here to start shit and have a good time. Let’s dive into this sweet little treat shall we? 5 songs… Yeah only 5 songs. Don’t let that fool you though. This neat little package rolls together plenty of roaring growls,blast beat fury and angry ass guitar riffs. Opening up with a song titled Ashen One, this dark can of worms oozes Black Metal undertones that really get your attention, only to have it turn around and become a Grinding tornado. As we roll on into As Seen on TV we instantly get bombed with Crusty riffs and drums topped of with a filthy smearing of vocals for good measure. Now, track 3 The Ballad of Louis Tully, is so straight forward it hurts. No angry,whining guitar or pissed off drums taking the lead, just all out aggression front to back. Lip Service follows the example of the previous track, displaying the utmost fury this band has to offer and holding back nothing. Now, we come to the end of the line. Food Fight has an old school Punk feel rippling throughout its angsty core. Taking no prisoners and returning nothing Armpits are easily a force of pure anger and fury expressed in musical form. Rating: 7/10 Armpits bc Armpits fb

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