BOLO – Warriors Of Peace

I’m pretty late with this review. I know, but I can’t avoid writing something about this interesting album. So why is this tape so special and interesting? The fact of powerviolence in post Soviet countries is interesting in itself, because this genre is very rare there. This small band is based in the west part of Russia, these guys live in St. Petersburg, The “Warriors Of Peace” is their 5th work. And I must admit that BOLO has mutated in something different. I’m sure that this was a new page in their history. These noises are very different from their previous works. And that is the main reason why I want to write about this cassette release. Interesting fact, this tape was released by American label Ill Faith Records, there was about 50 copies (?) with gloomy dark covers and with snow white cassettes. With this combination of colors, the tapes look really massive and awesome. It’s hard to describe all the technical, genre and sound nuances of “Warriors Of Peace”. I have a strong feeling that these guys were inspired by Man is the Bastards, Neanderthal,etc. (when they wrote these 9 songs, of course). Well anyway that turns into something really crazy and chaotic. So let’s turn up the volume and make the noise louder and let’s dig into this album. The “Warriors Of Peace” start`s with some monolog with some industrial/psychedelic sound effects… I guess this prepares the listener for the main part. Well the main dish can bite you, haha! These sharp riffs and crazy screams can make a hole in your brain. Rhythm changes are not discouraged. The bass intro in “Symbol Of Death” is so cool… that primitive shrieking sound leads into a land of schizophrenic chaos! And of course I couldn’t forget tonwrite about those fast drum tracks. These bears are really painful! This short and magic album ends like it starts. With some psychedelic noises and a dreadful voice… Rating: 8/10 BOLO bc BOLO fb

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