Dead Fetus Collection / Harmony Fault (Uterus Productions)

Brazil and Goregrind. These two words are synonyms. People of that country are really sick! There are so many bands who are screaming and roaring about murder, gore and other filthy things… And that is freaking cool! Today I wanna tell the bloody story of two slimy bands, Dead Fetus Collection and Harmony Fault. That short story has 2 chapters, chapters that will tell you about horror and disgusting things. The first chapter called “Dead Fetus Collection”… Dead Fetus Collection is a band that got my attention a few years back and the first piece of noise that I heard was their first full length album “Sadistic Necro Chamber”. I have no need to compare the old album with this new recording, the guys didn’t turn from the way of old Gore. Most of the music of Dead Fetus Collection consists of low sound, heavy buzzing guitar, vomiting vocals and middle tempo drums. Sometimes this monster can be fast like in “Cisticercose”, this song reminds me of a weird and explosive mix of Dead Infection with Oxidised Razor. Also the guys did a great cover of Gut, just check their “Killed And Mutilated In Kashmir” it`s total “Crippled Bitch” worship, haha!) Chapter 2 “Harmony Fault”. This band has existed for 15 years, during all this time, the guys have released many records. Some of them good, some not so much. But, this last recording session is strong as the thirst for blood of Dracula. These 4 songs are so groovy… And they’re really full of fun. The vocals are loud and on top of the music, but it’s not poorly executed. Its piled with watery effects and sound like a mix of flatulence and vomit. Guitar sounds is not so low, it has a tiny taste of Metal /Punk buzzing. Also I like the almost “clear” sound of the drums, these “tupa tupa” beats are so groovy! In case you love groovy Grind, this might be your band. This review is dedicated to the memory of Luciano Battistini… Rest in peace man! Rating: 7.5/10 Dead Fetus Collection Harmony Fault You can buy this 7″ thru Uterus Productions

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